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Why should I choose asphalt over other paving methods?

Cost: generally, it’s less expensive.
Durability: installed properly, it’s as lasting as concrete.
Ease of Repair: if a failure does occur, it’s much easier to repair than concrete.
Appearance: a smooth asphalt surface looks neat and rich.

What services does Four-Way Asphalt Paving provide?

We are not just a paving company. We are paving contractors who will provide complete asphalt service. We specialize in tennis courts, one of the most difficult jobs to install properly.

We can also:
Design and lay out your project
Pave parking lots
Pave residential drives
Patch failed asphalt
Install parking blocks
Excavate and grade
Install drainage systems (sewers)

How can I be sure that my job is done properly?

Four-Way backs up its work with its Guarantee of Materials and Workmanship.
Can I save money by laying a thinner base before the asphalt is poured?
Without the right base, no great measure of materials and workmanship will guarantee a long-lasting installation. The type of base will vary depending on the condition of the subgrade and the surface’s intended use. We will analyze the subgrade before submitting a quote to assure the best quality job.

Should I use asphalt to repair or resurface the cracked concrete in the
office parking lot?

It’s not recommended. The coefficient of expansion for concrete is different than that for asphalt. The failed areas telegraph through to the new surface of asphalt, cracking not only at the site of the cracks you wanted to repair, but at the expansion joints as well.

I have chuckholes in my asphalt surface. How should I get them repaired?

There are different methods of repair depending on whether you want a temporary or more permanent solution.

Skin Patching requires an adhesive to be applied over the failed area. The asphalt is laid over it. This method is the least permanent and is not recommended.

Clean and fill is simply cleaning and filling the chuckhole.

Removal of the failed area is the most permanent method of repair. The chuckhole is cleaned and the failed base removed. The edges are jackhammered square, packed with deep strength asphalt, and topped.

What is sealcoating?

We recommend that every job be sealcoated. Sealcoat is a coal tar pitch emulsion material mixed with a silica sand that is applied over the finished surface. You must let the asphalt cure for 60 to 90 days before sealcoating. If applied prematurely, it may permanently soften the surface.

How can sealcoating extend the life of asphalt?

Sealcoating is not only for aesthetic purposes. Yes, it does give your new surface a rich, black look. It will protect against damage from gas and oil spills. In addition, the natural tars and emulsions in the asphalt can oxidize over the years, drying out the surface and making it more apt to fail. Sealcoating will prevent the oxidation.

Great! When can you come out to sealcoat?

We recommend you sealcoat areas of 1500 square feet or less yourself. Materials with instructions are available at:

Surface Coatings Corporation
2280 Auburn Road
Auburn Heights, MI 48326

For larger areas, we can subcontract or recommend various sealing contractors.

If you have more questions, please feel free to call us at 313-366-7930 or e-mail us using our contact form

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